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Easy Web Solve is a boutique digital marketing company focused on client success from end to end. Our marketing campaigns are business-driven, results-focused, and highly effective. Running a profitable marketing campaign and staying laser focused on the things that actually "move the needle" is hard. That's why we specialize in a few select online marketing platforms and strategies that consistently deliver tangible results for our clients.

Our Services


The launchpad to our success. Facebook can help you target customers profiles like never before.

Google Adwords

Why not target customers searching for your keywords? They already have some interest in that keyword and may be ready to buy.


Good SEO results may take longer to achieve, but it is an asset for your company. Good SEO helps with your long term success.


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is turning traffic to sales. Lets make the most of those potential customers, after all you paid to get them on your site.

Get a 1000 hour head start

When you start a new company there can be many choices out there. What is the best option for a website? Why is my website slow? How do I implement meaningful analytics? Where should I start with my online marketing? Where do I get banners for advertising?

We had these same problems, and it took a lot of trail and error to find good solutions to all these problems. We are offering our knowledge to get you a head start and and help you kickstart your business.

  • What advertising platform is best for my business?
  • Why is my website slow?
  • How do I implement analytics?
  • How do I get good banners for advertising?

Our Team

The company was founded by JJ Human in 2013 and trading as JJ Online marketing Ltd. When Frans Brewis joined the company it rebranded to Easy Web Solve in January 2014.

JJ Human

JJ Human

Co-founder & Marketing specialist

13 years online experience and previously worked in the travel industry with Expedia Inc and Expat Explore Travel.

Frans Brewis

Frans Brewis

Co-founder & development specialist

18 years online experience and previous owner of ATTI training Bloemfontein South Africa.

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