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Do you want to know how your money is working for you? Look no further. Google adwords comes with a suite of tools to help you track performance. You can see how each keyword is performing. What is more, you can break that keyword down by location to see if it is relevant in your area.

With the data you receive from Adwords you can measure your performance and spend your marketing budget on those successful keywords and phrases.


When users type a specific keyword into Google they may be a potential customer. Why not make sure that your details are there for them to contact you. Google is by far the biggest search engine in Europe, so make sure customers can find you on their site.

At Easy Web Solve we help you setup campaigns for your target audiences and we roll out more relevant audience groups to help you increase your profitability.

What do we focus on?

Campaign Setup and Optimization

We use a set number of campaign strategies for our campaigns. These campaigns have delivered great results for us in the past and therefore we know we start each new campaign on a tried and tested template.

Quality Score

Google places big emphasis on the quality of the pages that you display. See this score as how relevant your ad and landing page is for a keyword. There are many factors that are taken into account when this score is calculated.


This is our main focus for each campaign. We want to continuously drive down Cost Per Acquisition for each campaign. This allows us to launch more campaigns to increase your reach.


All our projects have a once off setup fee to allow us to do our research and to create the campaigns. The setup normally includes building an optimised landing page to help improve your conversion rate. Our team will analyse your products and your target audience so that we can build campaigns tailored to your business.

After that our monthly fee includes the optimisation of campaigns. Our goal is to ensure that you get the maximum return on investment. We want to grow with you and your company. The prices below are a guide and based on doing the work required to give you the best results. However, if you want us to attend meetings (in person or via Skype) and discuss the results at regular intervals we are happy to do that. We just need to hear your requirements and we will then provide a free quote. We do this so that we can provide a quality service and help you optimise your online results. We do not mind talking to you for an hour a day, but then our Bronze product is not the best option.

£495 per month
  • For Budgets under £3000 per month
£795 per month
  • For Budgets under £10000 per month
TBD *call us for a free quote
  • For Budgets over £10000 per month

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If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We are based in Bromley, Kent in the south east of the UK.

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